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Index Creative Village PLC in association with Thai AirAsia announce the introduction of KILORUN 2018, a groundbreaking new concept to the running world. Kilorun combines travelling, eating and running in a series of 2 day running events to be held in 4 iconic locations across South East Asia. Kilorun 2018 is being held in Bangkok in
Thailand, Bali in Indonesia, Osaka in Japan, and Hanoi inVietnam.

Presented by AirAsia, Kilorun 2018 is a new event for both food lovers and runners and offers participants the chance to win medals for running, sightseeing and even gaining weight! What makes the series differ from other running races is that participants can choose to be measured not only in Kilometres, but also in Kilograms. Participants can enjoy a wide variety of signature dishes from the most beloved local restaurants along the way.

The first Kilorun event was held in Bangkok on the 24th – 25th March 2018 and was very well received attracting over 2,600 runners from around the world. The second Kilorun event will be held in Bali, centred around the village of Ubud, on the 2-3 of June 2018 and is expected to draw more than 2,000 runners
of all abilities. There will be a 2.5 km kid’s run, a 5.5 km family run and an 11.5 km mini marathon. Air Asia is offering a special promotion for those who wish to attend the KILORUN 2018 in Bali and a 6 digit booking number can be redeemed for a 20% discount on all running tickets and
other rewards.  For further information about Kilorun you can visit the website at