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A Taste of Excellence AT DI MARE

Headed by their new Executive Chef, the team at di Mare is creating food experiences with bold flavours, creative ingredients and amazing presentation.

Karma Kandara’s magnificent di Mare restaurant delivers a European- Asian style, heavily influenced by local ingredients. Guests can feast on the incredible views while savouring inspired dishes such as Fermented Java Green Tea Salad; Roasted Duck Breast with Ubi Gratin and Dragonfruit Gastrique; Rack of Lamb with Ghee Carrot Puree, Petai and Fermented Black Garlic Jus; and Strawberries & Cream: compressed Bedugul Strawberries, Kemangi Ice Cream, Coconut Mousse with Strawberry Firecracker Sorbet.

Chef Joseph also offers some of the more familiar dishes one might expect while holidaying in Indonesia such as nasi goreng and urab but, what sets these dishes apart from the crowd, is the unusual preparation his team has devised making clever use of local ingredients. Cuka is a handmade vinegar prepared by the family of one of Karma’s cooks and is used in making Scallop Ceviche with Torch Ginger Flower and Pomelo. Petai, also known locally as “stinky bean” is braised for hours in extra virgin olive oil with red bumbu and citrus before being served with grilled octopus. Almond anise flavoured Kluwak is used as the base for Rawon – a famous Javanese soup and occasionally as an ice cream flavour. All of di Mare’s ice cream is made from scratch in-house.

A sumptuous meal must be accompanied by suitable drinks. The Bar Manager/ Mixologist at di Mare works closely with Chef Joseph, they inspire each other with their ingredients and techniques, harmonising and/or contrasting the flavours to pair imaginative drinks with their culinary creations.

Karma Kandara Resort
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