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Urchin Grill & Raw Bar

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A new addition to Seminyak’s renowned dining venues has arrived in the form of Urchin with its Grill & Raw Bar. Dark timbered furniture and fittings here have been creatively laid out to present guests with the sort of welcoming ambience one would expect to experience on a visit to the seaside


Urchin specialises in Australian style seafood dishes with an expansive entrée menu offering in large part, raw presentations. The open kitchen adds to the welcoming nature of the restaurant as the chef and his staff prepare raw and grilled seafood dishes as well as land based meals for those who may prefer them.

I chose the coral trout Carpaccio for my entrée. This consisted of a fillet of raw coral trout overlaid with pakis, broccoli, fern fennel pollen and olive oil. For my main course I went for Urchin’s red snapper with its crispy skin garnished with carrot puree, brown almond, sherry vinegar and flower shaped pickled carrot.

I completed my meal with custard apple ice cream served with fresh lychee, pomegranate, mangosteen and iced watermelon and capped this off with a glass of Urchin rock ‘n rye, a bourbon based cocktail with fennel seed, honey and lemon. I was impressed, not only with the food but also the good spirit and sense fun that Urchin delivered with every course. “I think I’ll have another rock ‘n rye. Thankyou,”



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