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The Magnificence of Sundown AT THE SAYAN HOUSE SUNSET BAR

Sunset in Bali can be enjoyed in many different ways but not all involve beaches and the ocean. The Sunset Bar at The Sayan House is such a place, a special place where you can witness a glorious sunset with a magnificent vista in the heart of Ubud. 

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Perched overlooking the majesty of the Sayan valley the bar yields breathtaking views as the sun sinks towards the horizon, painting the sky with the orange-tinted hues of sundown, an experience made all the more fulfilling while savouring some of the best light bites and cocktails created especially for such a magical occasion.

The Sunset Bar takes from among the best of The Sayan House’s Japanese-Latin fusion cuisine, presented in smaller ‘tapas’ size portions to be eaten as delicate finger food, an appropriate accompaniment for the extensive selection of cocktails. Chicken lovers should try ‘Alitas de Pollo Tempura’ – chicken legs deep-fried karage style with a tasty chimmichuri dip-sauce. Then there is the unusual Los de Sashimi with avocado, shallots, seaweed, cucumber, wasabi aioli and lettuce on soft tortilla bread which you

fold and eat with your hand. As for cocktails, there are all sorts of options to choose from such as Sayan Squash – a super fresh mix of gin, coriander, cucumber, lime, and ginger ale or, for a more distinctive taste, you can try Michelada – a spicy drink made from beer, tomato, lime, salt and pepper to create an explosive salty and spicy blend which heightens the senses and brings the whole magnificent experience to the fore.

Jl. Raya Sayan No. 70, Sayan, Ubud
Tel. +62 361 479 2592