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The Art of Cocktail Pairing at Vida Rica Bar

Inspired by the Cocktails of Canton menu, Vida Rica Bar at Mandarin Oriental, Macau presents Macau’s very first cocktail pairing collection that is curated by their culinary team.

Carefully paired based on each cocktail profile, the menu is best complemented with dedicated concoctions from the Cocktails of Canton menu, a cocktail album which reminisces the nostalgic times and the unique taste of Canton, a province rich in history, invention and cuisine.

The cocktail pairing compilation showcases 12 food pairings that accompany 10 cocktails and two mocktails. Here are the cocktail pairing collection that you should try.

Hokkaido Scallops served with ceviche, green apples and wasabi dressing accompanied by the Groovy Osmanthus mocktail – seedlip ™ grove 42, osmanthus, tonic and citrus. Irish Oysters with osmanthus vinaigrette paired with The Osmanthus cocktail – gin, osmanthus sake, Italicus di Bergamotto and vermouth secco.

Marinated Grill Skirt Steak prepared with pickled pumpkin strips perfectly complemented with Ginger Snaps – gin, guava, ginger, clarified milk and elderflower. Smoky BBQ Iberico Ribs paired with Chen Pi, an in-house infused cocktail using cognac, dried tangerine liqueur, almond and lemon. Crispy Pork Belly is served with shredded pineapple, cucumber, and miso mung bean salsa with recommended pairing, “Char Siew” – sous vide bourbon, sherry wine and black walnut.

Tuna Tataki Five-Grain Salad Bowl topped with sesame dressing, creating a unique flavour profile when paired with the “Lo Mai Gai” cocktail – lotus leaf sake, mandarine liqueur, sherry wine and mushroom. Warm Sous Vide Baby Octopus with shiso dressing, paired with Shiso cocktail – salted plum gin, shiso, honey and lemon. General’s Son Chicken cooked in sichuan pepper, is well paired with The Calamansi – gin, licorice, spicy honey and calamansi.

Teriyaki Grilled Eggplant with rice crackers, suitable for vegetarians, is ideally paired with Chrysanthemum Tea – baijiu, brown rice tea and chrysanthemum. Vegetarian-friendly Impossible ™ Lychee Meatballs combined with Lychee Tea – homemade rooibos tea gin, seedlip ™ spice 94, apple cider and lychee. Lavender “Raindrop Cake” made with water jelly and served with guava sauce is the best combination with Guava Lavender mocktail – seedlip ™ garden 108, guava juice and lavender that is suited for vegetarians.

Cocktails of Canton menu is available daily at Vida Rica Bar from 5pm with DJ nights on Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 11pm. For more information, contact +853 8805 8928.