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Spectacular Experience and View at RIHGA ROYAL GRAN OKINAWA


As we travel overseas, we always like to stay in a comfortable Hotel that satisfies the standards we have set for them based on our prior Hotel experience. Our standards can be high, and each of us has our own unique expectations but is there really a way to balance leisure with business?

The RIHGA Royal Gran Hotel in Okinawa takes pride in offering facilities and services of the highest standard, able to meet both the business and leisure needs of the most discerning traveller.

The luxurious rooms are decorated in 4 motifs and are available in twin bed and king double bed from the 7th to the 12th floors and suite configurations on the 13th floor. Rooms are beautifully appointed, as one would expect in a hotel of this standard, and with a high level of attention to detail. To ensure a good night’s sleep mattresses have been developed with renowned manufacturer Sealy and Simmonds.

Personal safety is another important consideration when choosing hotels. The RIHGA Royal Gran Okinawa Hotel has taken steps to ensure that only guests are allowed in certain areas. The lobby space is located at the top of the building and elevators only stop on guest room floors if they are activated with an appropriate key card which is provided to staying guests.

Various types of in-room massages are available for your relaxation needs – Shiatsu, finger pressure massage, full body oil massage and leg massage. Bookings can be made through the 24-hour concierge service available to all staying guests. Guests can indulge themselves in a Japanese and Western-style buffet breakfast at the hotel restaurant located on the top floor of the hotel featuring over 50 kinds of dishes prepared using ingredients hand selected by the chef and sourced locally from Okinawa and the Japanese mainland.

You can choose a starter and a main dish for lunch and enjoy appetisers, salads, and desserts from the buffet counter. If you would like to choose from the lunch course menu or any of the chef ’s special course menu items, these are available for reservation at least three days in advance.

After a long day of sightseeing or work, you can enjoy the hotel’s spectacular views that extend from the Onoyama Park to the Kerama islands while enjoying some excellent French and Italian cuisine prepared by the hotel’s chefs. Afterwards, unwind and enjoy the view with a few drinks at the bar & lounge on the top floor.


-Article by Jose Jeuland-

1-9 Asahimachi, Naha, Okinawa, 900-0029, Japan
Tel. +81 (0)98-867-3331