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Seminyak Italian Food

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Presenting as an integral part of the new and impressionable Double Six Luxury Hotel, Seminyak Italian Food is a trattoria serving the very best of Italian fare in a casual and non-intimating atmosphere. This restaurant is the real Italian thing; sauces and pasta don’t come out of a packet here!


Situated on top of the lobby, the decor of Seminyak Italian Food features the lustre of warm timbers and an open-air deck that adds a touch of Italian village festivity. The colourful soft furnishings, overall design and menus come from Roberto Marchetti of Australia and could only be improved with a full orchestral rendition of Verdi’s La Traviata. Today’s Italian food is primarily based on the very material that peasants enjoyed in bygone days, albeit with a touch of modernity. Here at Seminyak Italian Food, supplies of meat, wine and the pasta making process are all on display in this goodly honest eatery.

And what did I eat? Well for starters I went for arancini, a deep-fried rice ball with spinach that came in four different types of cheese. I followed this with the granchoi ala venetta; crabmeat and mascarpone polenta. The ‘Everything We Have’ plate came next and is that iconic pick of small goods including salami, proscittuo, beef bresaola and mortadella with cheeses and pickles that provoke taste bud explosions. For salads I’d recommend the restaurant’s salt baked baby beetroot salad with goat milk curds. Meat and fish dishes of course are laid with superb Italian sauces that define the culture this Old Italian Empire. Taste, taste, taste is the fore note-here.

There is of course no taste without wine and good Italian taste comes with good wine. For feasters in this Italian environment one should make sure a bottle or carafe is at hand throughout the whole meal. One thing the Italians taught the span of their European Empire was how to enjoy the fermented grape. Here at Seminyak Italian Food, the world of wine is yours.



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