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A Hidden Gem Just Off the Perth Coast 

This small island just 20 kilometres northwest of Fremantle on Australia’s SW coast is a hugely popular destination for both West Australians and overseas holiday makers. 



During the Summer and Autumn months, ferries from both Perth and Fremantle leave with day trippers and long weekenders with their eager anticipation, bicycles, boards, bathers and snorkelling gear, heading for this island gem of Rottnest. Day trips are popular but many like to overnight on the island with its available choices of accommodation.


It is the natural beauty of Rotto, as locals refer to the island, that draws its visitors. Rottnest Island is an 11 kilometre  strip of 63 beaches, 20 bays, scattered salt lakes coastal grassy dunes and inland woodlands of Acacia and the Rottnest Teatree.  The island’s clear coastal water make for some beautiful little inlets and unique marine life.


There is no end to the range of fulfilling activities one can get involved with here. Swimming, snorkelling, and diving opportunities abound of course but there is something special about the water around Rottnest. Fed by a warm current, the island is not only home to 135 species of tropical fish and 20 species of coral, the ecology of its close surrounds is quite unique to this part of Western Australia.


Rottnest Island is a car-free zone for visitors and the best way to explore is by bicycle. Here bicycles can be hired for the day or the length of ones stay and this is really the best way to explore the island   and its scenic views, bays, and again, its unique fauna and flora. One of Rottnest’s special inhabitants is  the quokka. This little marsupial is the animal the island was named ofter and quite unabashed, will parade itself for visitors through early mornings and evenings.


An A grade public golf course is to be found at the Rottnest Island Country Club. The Islands museum provides a fascinating tour through the islands history. Signature treatments are offered at the Kama Spa at  the Rottnest Lodge And for youngsters Just 4 Fun Aqua Park provides plenty of water fun.


Rottnest Island caters for hungry and thirsty mouths well with its restaurants cafes and bars in the townsite area however no trip here is complete without a visit to the famous Rottnest Bakery.


Rottnest Island has been an A class reserve for little under 100 years and as such, the ecology, natural beauty and the island’s heritage has been meticulously and proudly preserved. It is no wonder that Rottnest Island has become the popular holiday island it is.