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This uninhabited tiny island is 8 km wide and surrounded by hectares of beautiful coral reef. Menjangan Island is part of the West Bali National Park so the area is protected under Indonesian law from environmental abuse. The marine scenery here is spectacular and the island’s reef is Bali’s first internationally recognised dive zone. Famous for its wall diving because of great visibility the reef has some of the best coral growths of dive spots to be found off Bali. Noted dives around the island are Garden Eel Point, Underwater Cave and Pos II. Here turtles, eels, sharks and complex coral gardens are on view.


With turquoise clear water and very calm sea, snorkelling is also a popular pastime from Menjangan Island.  Snorkellers get to view extravagant areas of coral with their explosive colour of marine life.


The Menjangan Resort on 382 hectares within the boundaries of the West Bali National Park and is the largest resort on the island. Here Monsoon lodge, Beach Villa and the Menjangan Resiidence are the accommodation options. Each of these options have been designed to blend in with the islands surrounds and have been constructed with environmentally friendly features for their Zen interiors. Situated in the heart of the national park, the resort offers a chance to relax within nature’s own environment and an escape from the bustle of some of Bali’s larger resorts.


Besides diving and snorkelling there are other attractions for nature lovers here. Bird watchers have a range of 160 protected species to spot. Trekking, bike riding and horse riding through the natural environs offer visitors a verity of delightful scenery and wildlife that includes deer, rabbits iguanas and believe it or not wild chickens. Kayaking through the mangroves allows yet another exotic perspective of the island. Trained guides are available for all these activities.


The Menjangan offers a fantastic open space BBQ dinner or an all you can eat three course buffet in a comfortable restaurant with majestic sunset views. For more traditional cuisine Paon Bali will provide an exploration adventure through the exquisite secrets of Balinese taste. For something even more local Bali Tower Restaurant offers the authentic Nasi Kampung Pejarkan from Pejarakan Village.


Menjangan Island is truly a perfect place for your next tropical destination as this tiny island offers a lot more than just water activity. Perhaps it’s time to take a look at this paradise island and try a different slice of the Balinese cake.


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