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A trip to Ubud is not complete without a visit to the Blanco Renaissance Museum. There are two very good reasons for this excursion. Firstly, the museum presents a fascinating collection of art works of the legendary Don Antonio Blanco and the attached Rondji Restaurants is the worthy second reason for a visit. This delightful Ronji restaurant is a visual as well as a gourmet experience.

Inpired by and named after the wife of the late Don Antonio Blanco, Rondji is immediately captivating with its expansive timber decked floor up there in the tree tops and tangle with nature. The interior dining area is housed under an exposed timber roofing structure of traditional style and sits well with its surrounds of tropical Bali.

Rondji delivers its promise of good food and drink with exceptional style and grace. The menu offers a mix of European and a modern format of Balinese dishes. My first choice here was the slow cooked (24 hours) short ribs. Soaked in a sweet tangy sauce these plump offerings simply melted in my mouth. The short ribs were followed by Rondji’s nasi ayam or chicken rice. This is a dish that combines the cooking influence of The Philippines, Indonesia and China. Pulalu style rice with green peas and fried shallots is served with crispy betutu chicken and an explosive pelalasan or chilli sauce.

For something rather different the Rondji smoked roll is well worth a try. This vegetarian sushi roll is prepared, coated with seaweed and served in the restaurants own unique style.

Here at Rondji the delightful ambience was well matched by the excellent food and careful service.