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The Elegant Orient Atmosphere at Cabochon Hotel

The Elegant Orient Atmosphere at Cabochon Hotel

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A Highly polished gem that exudes class, sophistication and understated luxury. The Cabohon Hotel is a unique boutique hotel boasting only 4 suite and 4 studios that evoke the excitement of that glorious vintage era of the orient in the roaring twenties. Housed within the Walpole Building of Sukhumvit road, as a member of ‘Secret Retreats, a collection of small hidden gems across Asia’ Cabochon Hotel successfully recaptures the feel of a golden yesteryear. The hotel conceptualizes the grace of Shanghai the 1920s for which the city reigned supreme, famed for its modernity and aesthetics after Europe’s Parisian and Viennese styles. While maintaining this luxurious vintage feel of Shanghai’s golden era the Cabochon Hotel confidently boasts 21st century amenities such as Free Wi-Fi, Cabl...

Perhentian Island

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Between the countries of Southeast Asia lie countless small islands some of which are great places to visit. There are those that have more facilities than others but almost all the ‘tourist destination’ islands offer interesting and unusual holiday experiences. One such island is called Perhentian Island and is situated 10 miles off the north-eastern cost of West Malaysia lying 40 miles south of Thai border.   For hundreds of years traders bringing food, jewellery and a host of other exotic merchandise sailed from the south coast of Malaysia to Bangkok and used the island as a stopping off point for rest and shelter. As the island became more popular among traders they called it Perhentian Island which translates as “place to stop”. Perhentian is in fact a group of islands cons...

Komodo Island

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  Komodo Island that can be reached with a two-hour boat trip from Labuan Bajo on Flores. The island is home to Komodo dragons, the world’s largest lizard and can be viewed with safety from various vantage points. It is also the site of the Komodo National Park with its UNESCO world heritage listing as one of the worlds 7 natural wonders. A popular point of interest on the Island is Pink Beach located within the Komodo National Park. This beach is one of only 7 of this type in the world and its colour is derived from a mix of crystallized white calcium carbonate and the red hue of organ pipe coral.

Bangka Belitung

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Bangka Belitung islands are to be found off the eastern coast of Sumatra and form a province of Indonesia consisting of the two main islands, Bangka and Belitung, and a further 250 small islets in the surrounding waters. The province is unusual with water making up almost 80% of its territory and the land areas covered with unusual rock formations. As an emerging tourist destination and only an hour’s flight from Jakarta, Belitung Island is well known for its distinctive landscape with its beaches decorated with pearly white sand, crystal clear waters and splendid granite boulders piled up on its shallow shores. Here you can enjoy the usual beach activities, such as swimming in clear waters and lounging on white sand beaches, but Belitung has plenty more to offer including snorkeling, ...

Discover The Best of KUALA LUMPURkuala lumpurDiscover The Best of KUALA LUMPUR

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Kuala Lumpur is the capital and largest city of Malaysia, home to the Malaysian King – The Istana Negara, and boasts famous modern landmarks along with the historic charm of colonial buildings. KL ranks high on World’s Best Cities list and has become a Mecca for shoppers. Iam always pleased to return to Kuala Lumpur. For many reasons this is a city that has become one of my favorite travel destinations, is easily accessible from Bali with a quick 3 hour flight and offers so many of the things I look for while away from my daily plod at the office.   There are two shopping centers I am drawn to on my visits here. The Suria KLCC situated at the base of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. This is one of Malaysia’s premier centers and where stores offer major brands as well as more afford...


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This uninhabited tiny island is 8 km wide and surrounded by hectares of beautiful coral reef. Menjangan Island is part of the West Bali National Park so the area is protected under Indonesian law from environmental abuse. The marine scenery here is spectacular and the island’s reef is Bali’s first internationally recognised dive zone. Famous for its wall diving because of great visibility the reef has some of the best coral growths of dive spots to be found off Bali. Noted dives around the island are Garden Eel Point, Underwater Cave and Pos II. Here turtles, eels, sharks and complex coral gardens are on view.   With turquoise clear water and very calm sea, snorkelling is also a popular pastime from Menjangan Island.  Snorkellers get to view extravagant areas of coral with th...