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He never fully understood just how much he loved photography until he bought a good camera, A Canon 450D, and started taking it with him wherever he went. Since then, his love of photography grew and grew. He taught himself the skills picking up ideas and tips from his cousins, friends, YouTube and by searching the web.


At the moment his primary focus is an interest in landscape photography whether it be rocks, waves, clouds, sun, sand, water, roads and even buildings; though he has always had a soft spot for Portrait photography to bring variety and renewed interest to his work.

These days Davy uses a Canon 6DmkII and a drone (a DJI Mavic Pro for aerial photography) which he uses for capturing sunrises and sunsets. His dream destination in the endless quest to capture the ultimate photograph is Tasmania Australia with its wild beaches, waterfall, lakes, caves and amazing cliffs; the clear, dark nights skies yield amazing images of the stars and the Milky Way. The professional photographer he would most like to meet is Ken Duncan, a well-known Australian landscape Photographer.20478893_1880509968878840_4154807841523236864_n

Like most artists, he is always seeking new inspiration which often comes from the people he communicates with on a daily basis often on Instagram or Facebook. He also finds himself using Google maps to get further ideas and information for his shots.