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Introducing Alamayah, a Boutique Retreat Hotel In Sumba

Set to open in April 2020, Alamayah is a five-star all-inclusive boutique retreat hotel born from the essence of the words’ mayah,’ meaning grandmother and ‘alam,’ meaning nature. The thoughtfully designed villa is tucked away in a jungle beachside village in Sumba, home to one of the last flourishing prehistoric tribes on earth.

A harmonious blend of opulence and nature, Alamayah offers a holistic holiday retreat where each guest is cared for with heartfelt hospitality. This remote retreat features six private suites, a wellness spa, a fitness centre including rooftop yoga, entertainment rooms, blooming gardens, in addition to a plant-based restaurant.

Each of the luxury suites offers a comfortable refuge, with king-sized beds dressed in pure cotton linen, outdoor terraces with magnificent views of the surrounding beaches and jungle, private dining areas, workspaces, en-suite bathrooms and walk-in showers. Every guest is treated to an all-inclusive experience that includes a healer’s body analysis, three plant- based meals per day, Medicinal Mixology, daily massage treatments and more.