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Balinese Cuisine from the Heart ART CAFE BUMBU BALI

Enjoy traditional, authentic Balinese cuisine with heartwarming service in a luxurious cultural ambience.

ART CAFE BUMBU BALI, Evocative of walking into a traditional Balinese home adorned with artwork and greeted by friendly faces, The Art Cafe Bumbu Bali brings together artistic expression, dining and genuine hospitality, a culturally-rich restaurant dedicated to providing a truly authentic experience.

A devotion to authentic Balinese food is evident from the first bite, and a mosaic of colourful dishes and flavours are available using only the freshest of ingredients from local markets. The Rijsttafel, a dish originating from the Dutch- Indonesian colonial era, is a house speciality for the heartiest of appetites. In true Balinese style, meat dishes are marinated with bold flavours and spices. Menu highlights include a lamb stew with cardamom (Kambing Mekuah), minced duck in banana leaf (Tum Bebek) and braised pork neck in sweet soy sauce (Be Celeng Base Manis). Satisfy your sweet tooth with a dessert finale, which features a fine selection of Balinese cakes, rice flour dumplings in palm sugar sauce, creamed black rice and jaja batun bedil.

A selection of unique libations are also available such Es Daluman, an exotic combination of Iced Grass Jelly, Sago Pearls, and Coconut Cream; and Jamu and Loloh, Indonesia’s famous healing elixirs renowned for their ability to heal and revitalise the body.

The Art Cafe is a place of cultural exploration in an inviting ambience. The fascination of Balinese dance can be enjoyed throughout the week and customers can sign up for a cooking class. This is a place to connect with the island’s rich, colourful heritage.