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puja-astawa_1-on-top-atuh-beach_gallery_tropicallife1 Born in Singaraja, Kadek Puja Astawa has always been captivated by the beauty and timelessness of still images and this fascination has lead him to immerse himself in the world of photography and to capture the precious moments he sees through his lens. Puja Astawa reminds us that photography allows us to go back and enjoy the precious moments that occur through our lives. Every detail of those precious moments can be captured and brought back to us, a glimpse in time with all its feeling and atmosphere. puja-astawa_4-verro-23-juni-2017_gallery_tropicallife2 Puja Astawa considers himself an ‘all-rounder,’ a photographer who is both willing and able to adapt to the demands of many different types of photography, though he feels that human interest and landscape are his favourite fields. He knows that every person has a different body language and their own natural traits and, if paired with well-conceived lighting, can yield unique and captivating images as a form of visual art. landscape Landscapes are a very different matter simply because it is technically challenging to get a good landscape shot. A photographer must be able to quickly adjust to changing conditions in real time manually adapting his settings to follow the unpredictabilities of light and nature. Unlike many avid photographers who have moved over to the latest mirrorless cameras, Puja Astawa stays loyal to his Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) equipment; he loves to view his subjects and frame his pictures directly through the lens. He prefers to get the result he wants using the ‘natural process’; a direct interaction between him and his camera.