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Warm Welcoming Feast AT NOOSA RESTAURANT


Noosa is one of the newest additions in the restaurant scene on Bali and presents itself as a dining venue that offers something deliciously different.

The restaurant façade may not appear to be dramatically special but once entering the premises one finds oneself in a very welcoming ambience where a feeling of assured attention and service pervades. Noosa is a French restaurant set in Bali’s Resort district and boasts a classic interior design. Guests can choose indoor seating within the restaurant’s classic interior or outdoor seating overlooking the swimming pool and garden. Hiroyuki Meno, the Executive Chef provides distinct cuisine creations that combine French Technique with the best of local ingredients. The menu consists of 3, 4 or 5 set courses from which diners may choose dishes as desired.

I started with smoked salmon and cucumber with dill cream. This dish is unique in so much that the salmon is smoked at the table from which it is ordered. I followed this with Noosa’s red snapper covered with dill and goat cheese flavoured compose and served with cauliflower puree and ratatouille. The fish was fresh with just the right amount of moisture while the sauce really complemented a meal that was one of the best fish dishes I’ve ever tasted.

For meat lovers there is grilled wagyu tenderloin beef with red wine sauce, roasted vegetables and caramelized passion sauce. To finish I had what was an unusual but delicious sweet described as caramelized mix nut nougat ice cream in a chocolate dome. At first it looked like a chocolate ball but before serving the waiter poured hot mango and passion sauce over it that had the effect of opening it up like the dawn opening of a chocolate flower. The taste was pure magic.

Jl. Toya Ning no. 9 Kedonganan, Jimbaran, Bali

Tel. +62 361 703288