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Unveiling The Newly Enhanced Chiva-Som Signature Skincare Collection

Building on the success of the retail product range first launched in 2013, Chiva-Som, a world’s pioneer in transformative wellness,  has unveiled a new generation of reformulated Chiva-Som Signature Skincare Collection in brand-new packaging, available at its Chiva-Som Hua Hin, flagship resort in Thailand as well as for online order from anywhere in the world at its virtual boutique

The Chiva-Som Signature Skincare Collection has been designed with multiple elements of wellness in mind. Utilising natural, organic ingredients that are gentle yet effective, as well as fragrances that calm the mind, body and soul, the products support at-home rituals that bring benefits for mental as well as physical health.

The new range, which showcases a handpicked selection of the products used in Chiva-Som signature spa treatments at the resort, invites guests to continue their Chiva-Som wellness journey at home. Comprising three 100% organic massage oils, eight facial, and four body  products, the products mirror the resort’s ethos: result-oriented, blending natural oils and extracts with high performance active ingredients to create a powerful, effective collection.

The unisex formulations combine therapeutic botanicals, spices, fruit and flower oils that have been used for millennia for their health and cosmetic benefits, yielding scents that appeal to all

Facial Cleansing
The facial range includes cleansing treatments to deeply purify and soothe skin, featuring a range of natural oils that aid stress-relief and provide a sense of calm. The indulgent Cleansing Face Cream has been carefully formulated to support the regulation of sebum, stimulate cell regeneration and protect from free radical damage, as well as help tone and firm the skin to provide anti-aging benefits. Incorporating frankincense, sandalwood, geranium and rose absolute, the revitalising fragrance helps elevate relaxation, calming the mind and body. The Facial Fresh Cleansing offers a lighter formulation option, incorporating antiseptic, as well as skin soothing and calming results. The Soothing Night Scrub incorporates detoxifying charcoal-based luffa grain powder and patchouli oil to tighten and tone. 

Facial Moisturising
Moisturising treatments include Enriching Face Moisturize, which contains active ingredients to provide a deeply nourishing and cleansing experience, whilst providing detoxing, rejuvenating, healing and hydrating benefits for a healthy glow. Those seeking firm, smooth skin, as well as the prevention of further degradation, will find the Nourishing Youth Serum and Nourishing Eye Serum deliver just that. Those seeking a refreshing toner featuring regenerative, anti-ageing, antioxidant and hydrating properties will find the Purify Facial Mist offers the perfect solution. Focusing on absorbing excess oil, minimising pores and stimulating circulations, the Purify Mask is also ideal for stimulating collagen and promoting elasticity

Body Care
Designed to work together, the four body products include exfoliators Zesty Thai Body Polish and Deep Cleansing Coffee Body Scrub, which help smooth and soothe skin, whilst uplifting the spirit with respective citrus and coffee scents. Following exfoliation, the Body Firming Gel supports the skin’s structure helping to firm targeted areas, whilst the Rejuvenating Body Moisturizer completes the ritual with a softening indulgent treat.

Organic Massage
oils Massage can play an important part in relaxing the body, calming the mind and soothing the soul. Bringing Chiva-Som’s expert stress-relief benefits to the home, three Organic Massage Oils have been carefully created to provide a range of mood-enhancing benefits. Contemplation is blended with orange peel, lavender, jasmine, clary sage, geranium, rosewood, lemongrass and peppermint oils; Balance combines rosemary, rosewood, sandalwood, frankincense, petitgrain and clove bud oil; whilst Harmony is characterised by citrus, fennel, ylang ylang and vetiver.