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The Spa at Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali



Nestled subtlety underneath a water feature at the heart of the resort, The Spa at Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali is sanctuary for both houseguests as well as those who come to Bali looking for indulging spa treatments in the calm tranquillity of a stylish environment.

Stepping into the spa lobby, I was warmly welcomed by the reception staff that asked a range of essential questions while explaining the products that would be used for treatments. I decided on the Bali Sea minerals detox treatment. This 2-hour treatment started with a foot ritual involving a cleaning process where peppermint and lime crystal salts worked as an initial antiseptic. Following this an invigorating sea salt scrub with added ginger and jasmine liquid gel for cleansing was applied.

Before going on to the exfoliating step, the therapist performed a skin brushing with the use of loofah hand mitt in order to remove the loose skin. Next, a scrubbing step was performed with the use of a detoxifying body scrub consisting of sea salt, ginger, eucalyptus and jasmine. For this a circular scrubbing motion was employed starting from the bottoms of my feet and worked up through the rest of me. A body boreh wrap made up of clove, ginger, rice powder, turmeric, nutmeg, lemongrass followed and continued on to a bath ritual where I soaked comfortably in warm water containing ginger slices and limes. The last step was the energizing lymphatic body massage using bergamot and geranium massage oil that gives off a wonderfully sweet aroma and delivered a contented feeling of relaxation.

The gratifying result of this treatment was a smooth and supple skin and a calm sense of rejuvenation.

Jalan Kusuma Sari no. 8, Sanur Beach, Bali
Tel. +62 361 302 8901