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Sanya, China


Seated on the southernmost tip of China, Sanya is the coastal city on Hainan Island that has been drawing global tourists and travelers with its dreamy stretches of beach, intriguing historical sites, numerous international hotel chains, and unspoiled natural scenery. It is an idyllic place for those who wish to experience a tropical holiday in rural China.

Due to its remoteness, Sanya used to be a place to exile all officials who found themselves out of favor with the country’s ruler during the time of the Chinese dynasties. Buddhist monks also used the island as a tranquil retreat before or after their journeys to spread the word. Nowadays, Sanya is a rapidly growing tourist commodity, often referred as ‘China’s Hawaii’. As the only tropical city across the coastline it offers the whole activities associated with most tropical resorts. Sanya offers a range of accommodation from humble lodgings and inns to 5-Star resorts.

Sanya is a rather compact area where almost everything is within walking distance from everywhere else. The best way to reach Sanya is by plane, as the city has its own airport with flights to most major Chinese cities such as Guangzhou, Shanghai or Hong Kong  Buses and trains offer more visual oprions.

There are several places to visit in Sany. Sanya Bay Beach stretches for 25 kilometers and is well catered for with seafood restaurants and watersport facilities. Alternatively Dadonghai Beach has clear water off its white sand and the beach fringed with coconut palms and is less crowded than Sanya Bay Beach. Here the beach offers some spectacular scenery with its bay surround of mountains. Perfume Bay is a secluded beach with a rural hinterland and offers a rather more serene stroll with its pleasant aspects of farmland.

To see of the majestic remnants of Chinese ancient civilization, one should visit Nanshan Temple situated 40 kilometers South of Sanya city. It boasts several replicas of Tang Dynasty architecture with two figures of Buddha guarding the entrance gate. There is a part of the temple area known as the Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Tourism Zone and it is here that stands the giant Kwayan Statue. Made from gold and jade it is studded with pearls, diamonds and other gemstones as it overlooks the Southern Sea. The area around Nanshan Temple is well known for its production of high quality pearls and visitors here have the opportunity to purchase that very special gift. It was certainly a delightful change of scenery after exploring the capital city.