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Michelin Star Chef Fabio Ciervo At Intercontinental Bali Resort


From 4th to 8th March 2015, InterContinental Bali Resort presented the celebrated Italian Chef, Fabio Ciervo. During this period, the Michelin star chef prepared a series of exclusive events including some exclusive cooking classes, gastronomic dinners, Frescobaldi wine seminars, and a Frescobaldi wine dinner, at Bella Cucina Restaurant in InterContinental Bali Resort. Chef Fabio’s philosophy is to explore the world of Haute Cuisine in order to create dishes that combine ingredients in an unusual but harmonious way, while also seeking inspiration from all cultures.

Chef Fabio’s gastronomic dinner offered the choice of both à la Carte and a set gastronomic menu. Each featured marinated scallops, red mullet, ravioli del plin filled with baccalà, Sicilian pecorino cheese and ‘loin of lamb with hazelnut crust. The à la Carte menu included smoked local lobster, risotto, ravioli, gnocchi, calamarata shellfish, roman zucchini, lemon balm and sun-dried vesuviopiennolo tomatoes. Finally, Chef Fabio served mouth-watering dessert, tiramisu with a twist of modernity.