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Intimate Heritage Hotel in The Heart of Bangkok

Praya Palazzo, one of Bangkok’s most characterful riverside hotels is celebrating its 100-year in June.

Praya Palazzo, one of the most attractive historic hotels along the legendary royal river, is known for its reverence for Bangkok’s incredible heritage. Located in a century-old Palladian-style mansion, and accessible only by boat, the hotel was originally the residence of a nobleman who was close with Thailand’s royal family. After lying empty for decades, the property was meticulously restored into a beautiful and intimate heritage hotel.

Steps away from the charming Chao Phraya River, the hotel features 15 rooms & suites, river view pool and river view garden, which is a perfect venue for poolside cocktail or small wedding. For those who wish to have small meetings and conferences, the hotel provides Rom Pho Library with stunning view of the River of Kings. One of the highlights of the property is Praya Dining, its MICHELIN Guide-acclaimed restaurant, which is renowned for being one of the best places in Bangkok to explore Thailand’s storied culinary heritage. Inside, it exudes historic charm to complement its culinary offerings, which unite iconic dishes from the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya Kingdoms with the Rattanakosin Kingdom and modern Bangkok.

To honor its 100th birthday, the hotel has curated a special dinner set-menu comprising dishes made from recipes sourced from cookbooks dating back over 100-years. Menu highlights consist of appetizers like latieng (sauteed minced prawn with onions, and peanuts wrapped with a delicate egg net) and a salad of Pla Neu (grilled beef with betel leaves and fresh herb).

For mains, they serve moo pad som siew (stir-fried pork with yellow chili paste), and chu chee goong maenam (deep-fried river prawn with red curry. The hotel also offers a special package that includes accommodation, daily breakfast, Thai-style afternoon tea, and an accompanying tour of the charismatic neighborhood of Banglamphu, which lies opposite Praya Palazzo on the other side of the Chao Phraya River.