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Feast For The Senses: W Xiamen

W Hotels Worldwide, part of Marriott Bonvoy’s portfolio of 30 extraordinary hotel brands,
today announces the opening of W Xiamen. The hotel is set in Xiamen’s trendy, downtown
East Business District where sunset reveals an edgy, creative street culture and an upscale
dining scene. This makes it the ideal locale for a design-led hotel that provides guests the
ultimate insider access to all the design, fashion, fuel and music in its destination.

The hotel’s design by Hirsch Bedner Associates pays tribute to Xiamen’s tropical
surroundings, natural beauty of its harbor and its transformation from an industrial port city
to a modern music mecca. Here, the mixing of people over millennia has inspired an
idiosyncratic culture that embraces wildly varied musical forms and young, rebellious
attitudes which W Xiamen captures through show-stopping digital installations and specially
commissioned art pieces.

At W the Store, the iconic look of Gaojia opera singers is reimagined as contemporary art,
with hypnotic faces rendered in oil paint on curved metal walls. Before stepping into the
Living Room (W’s signature take on the lobby), guests find themselves in an electric forest
made of neon glass pillars, their hushed stillness contrasted with sudden bursts of flute
notes played every time guests approach the lobby centerpiece — an interactive art piece
inspired by the musical instruments displayed at a local organ museum.

Among the highlights of W Xiamen’s 293 guest rooms and suites are feature walls that use
digitally rendered artworks to bring the city’s tropical nature indoors by means of RGB (red-
green-blue) illustrations that work as a color puzzle with pieces falling into place once the
ambient light shifts from one color to the next, as well as consoles and coffee tables inspired
by Bo Bing, a popular local dice game. The Extreme WOW Suite is a 262-square-meter
contemporary art-filled venue that sets the scene for private parties.

W Xiamen presents four distinctive dining concepts including HEAT, the destination bar by
WET (the pool); SOUNDSCAPE, serves organic brews and healthy beverages; MIN YEN, a
fusion of Cantonese and Minnan flavors; NINE, an all-day dining.
The hotel’s 1,000 square-meter Great Room with avant-garde art and cutting-edge
technology features a 110-square-meter LED screen, the largest in the city, to create events
like no other. W Xiamen also offers highly customizable Studios for smaller events.

At FIT, W Xiamen’s 24/7 fitness center, a dramatic speaker wall keeps both casual gym-goers
and fitness obsessives in the groove. WET — a rainbow-hued aqualand — features a mosaic
wall reflecting gently filtered sunlight, sending a prism of lilacs and canary yellows dancing
on the surface of the pool. AWAY SPA sits on the highest floor and offers a tranquil antidote
to Xiamen’s hustle and bustle with calming spaces inspired by a colony of egrets.