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Earth Hour Indonesia 2024

From 8:30 pm local time on 23rd March, WWF’s Earth Hour, the world’s largest  grassroots environmental movement, returns for its 18th edition with the ‘Biggest Hour for Earth’ in support and celebration of our planet. In an increasingly divided world, Earth Hour serves as  a beacon of positivity, hope, and inspiration to rally as many people as possible, in particular      people who are not fully engaged with the environmental crisis yet.

Since its creation in 2007, Earth Hour has been known for its “lights off” moment. As landmarks  and homes across the world switch off, supporters are also invited to symbolically switch off and ‘Give an hour for Earth’, spending 60 minutes doing something – anything – positive for our planet. In 2023, over 410,000 hours were given to our planet by supporters in 190 countries    and territories, representing 90% of the planet, making it the Biggest Hour for Earth.

Kirsten Schuijt, Director General, WWF International:More people than ever need to join this year’s Earth Hour to leverage the collective power of individuals and communities. It’s crucial   to get involved, if we want to address environmental challenges and bend the curve of biodiversity loss by 2030. To truly unite millions across the globe, it is important that Earth Hour   expands beyond our already massive pool of current supporters and engages with individuals who have not been involved yet. Protecting our planet is a shared responsibility and it demands collective action from every corner of society.”

Through the Hour Bank, its new online interactive tool, Earth Hour invites everyone, everywhere to find the most enjoyable ways to give an hour for Earth. Whether it is a mindful walk through the woods to bask in the smell of air, feel the earth, and take in the sounds or engaging in a home scavenger hunt to identify and swap out unsustainable products with eco-friendly alternatives, there are myriad options to choose from. The Hour Bank provides a list of activities  and events based on participants’ lifestyle interests and preferences, from food and fitness to  art and entertainment.

The “Give an hour for Earth” call-to-action makes participation even easier and fun, encouraging individuals not only to switch off lights symbolically but also to take 60 minutes to do good for the planet while doing something they love.

Yves Calmette, Senior Director, Brand and Network Communications, Earth Hour Global: “In the face of a polarised society struggling to tackle the scale and pace of the dual climate and  nature crises, Earth Hour is all about bringing people together for a common cause. By aligning Earth Hour actions with people’s interests and passions through the Hour Bank, we make it easy  for individuals -particularly those who aren’t engaged yet-to contribute positively to the planet while doing activities they love. Our aim is to show that environmentalism can be accessible,     enjoyable, and personally meaningful. Together, as we unite for Earth Hour, we not only highlight the urgent issues we face but also celebrate the innovations and solutions that can   lead us to a brighter future.”

Earth Hour is more than a moment; it’s a movement that for the last 18 years has continued to inspire and mobilise people globally, reminding us of our collective responsibility to create a more hopeful and resilient future for our planet.