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Bulgari Resort Bali Presents Italian Sundays

Every Sunday from July to September, exquisite flavors & customs of Italy is celebrated further at Sangkar Restaurant while views of the Indian Ocean creates a breathtaking scenery.

The tables are adorned with an array of delights, beginning with freshly baked bread and antipasti bursting with sun-ripened tomatoes and briny olives. From there, one can revel in hearty pasta dishes, succulent roasted meats, and delectable seafood delicacies, including prawns, and lobster tails. As a special treat, a tin of caviar is presented, showcasing the natural flavors of the ocean. The effervescent charm of prosecco, harmonizing beautifully with the vibrant flavors of the sumptuous Sunday lunch. To bring this enchanting gastronomic odyssey to a close, a selection of traditional Italian desserts awaits, including the classic tiramisu, delightful profiteroles, and mouthwatering Neapolitan baba. These sweet indulgences are to satisfy and perfectly complement the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine that have been celebrated throughout this remarkable journey.

At Bulgari Resort Bali, The Italian Sundays aims to revive the cherished tradition of Sunday lunch. This delightful experience crafted by Executive Chef Stefano Nicodemo brings together families and friends, inviting them to the world of leisure and bountiful meal. Rooted in the exquisite culinary heritage of Italy, this weekly gathering is a joyous celebration of both food and connection.

Every Sunday, time seems to slow down, creating an atmosphere perfect for lively conversations, infectious laughter, and the sharing of cherished stories. To enhance this delightful occasion, the prestigious Dom Pérignon champagne can be paired with the exuberance of the moment. Bulgari’s Italian Sunday serves as a testament to the authentic Italian way of life, emphasizing the importance of savoring good food, fostering meaningful connections, and relishing in life’s most precious moments—the essence of effortless Italian elegance and sophistication.