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Known for authentic Thai cuisine in a contemporary setting, the award winning Thai restaurant, basil never fails to impress with its sensational flavours and artistic presentation.

Occupying a luxurious space on the first floor of Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, basil is a Thai restaurant showcasing an exquisite menu of classic and creative modern dishes using the very best ingredients to ensure the quality and flavours of each dish.

One should start off with one of the restaurants most popular appetizers called goong sarong, a deep-fried marinated tiger prawn wrapped in an egg noodle net. This is a delicious way to begin a meal. With goong sarong’s crispy and crunchy net one meets the tenderness of moist shrimp on the inside. For those who prefer salad as starter, yum som o goong is a really good choice. This simple and tasty dish consists of pomelo, water chestnut and prawn delivering an excellent combination of flavors and textures throughout the one dish.
For the main course, gaeng kiew waan nua Angus (green curry with Angus beef) is a highly recommended choice and should not be missed. The rich coconut milk base and Thai spices really complement the tenderness of the Angus. This is a dish to savour well with a bowl of Thai fragrant steamed rice.

For fish lovers, mok pla Salmon is recommended and is thev most a healthy option. The restaurant’s salmon trout is baked with chilli paste, dill and sweet basil and presented on a banana leaf.

Freshness, delectable taste and the excellent ambience are clearly the reasons why many food lovers have chosen basil as one of the ultimate places to experience authentic Thai delicacies in Bangkok.

Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit
A Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok
250 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel. (66) 02 6498888