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Archipelago Delight At Vin+ Seminyak




This is a pleasant, cosy restaurant in the heart of Seminyak with tempting dishes and a well-stocked cellar. VIN+ Seminyak is ready to satisfy appetites with their newly launched archipelago delight.

Introduced on April 20th, Archipelago delight features delicious homemade Indonesian dishes that can of course can be well paired with wine.

The first dish served was the light soto ayam (chicken soto), suitable with a glass of pinot gris or chardonnay blended with gewurztraminer. One of the most famous Indonesian dishes, oxtail soup has a rich and tasty flavour that can be paired with a glass of Australian Shiraz. Next came the barramundi balado. It presented beautifully with balado sauce spread over the top of the fresh fish. Soon after that beef shank balado made its way to the table. It comes with a generous portion of tender and good quality beef arranged nicely on a plate and topped with balado sauce. These two balado menus are great with a crisp sauvignon blanc. Even though the balado sauce is made to be mild, the chef has cleverly managed to create an authentic and flavourful balado.

Lastly was nasi goreng pork belly (pork belly fried rice), the signature dish originated from VIN+ Arcadia Jakarta. It may look small, but the portion is enough to please the taste buds satisfy the appetite. This is a dish that should be paired with a glass of pinot noir. I would highly recommend this dish, it has such an appealing flavour and it is easy to understand why it is one of the restaurants favourites.

One has the option to enjoy the open-air casual dining area or private dining located right next to the Retail Shop that can accommodate up to 30 people.

Jl. Kayu Jati No. 1 Seminyak, Bali
Tel. +62 361 473 2377