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A Taste of Nusantara
at Kayumerah Restaurant

Panbil Hospitality Group announces the opening of their newest Kayumerah with a concept “Back to Nature” in the middle of the Pelawan Forest. Located on Jl. Kantong Semar, Panbil Nature Reserve, Muka Kuning Batam, Kayumerah Restaurant presents a taste of the richness of the archipelago combined with traditional recipes and modern French cooking techniques.

An upscale urban dining destination that takes ingredients inspiration from the land and transforms this into contemporary cuisine topped with warm and immaculate service resulting in a genuine dining experience built on informative guest interaction. Welcoming epicureans and travelers alike, Kayumerah brings a progressive yet sophisticated approach to gastronomy, championing ingredient-driven cuisine.

At Kayumerah, it’s about bringing a different experience to the dish, not taking away or changing the original flavors. “The ingredients that we use are prime produces and high quality locally sourced ingredients. We try to develop the taste notes from Nusantara which is familiar to us Indonesians and present them in a theatrical and exciting ways” explained by Glenn Erari the Director of Culinary. Kayumerah is offering a twelve-course set menu for the ultimate indulgence experience. The menu includes “Ragam Camilan” like Manado Choux, followed by dishes such as Manisan Bogor and Tebasaki Isi. Guests will also enjoy desserts like Bolu Daun Kelor and Kueh Hari Raya. The feast culminates with their main courses, Ikan Bakar Batam and Bebek Bali. This exquisite dish is sure to delight your taste buds. Seating is available on the outdoor terrace or inside the restaurant, both with spectacular ambience and view.

Kayumerah is also known for their innovative and experimental cocktails that incorporate local-fresh ingredients, as well as elements found in Nusantara dishes such as Rendang and Bika Ambon.
The highlight goes to the narrative degustation dinner, which takes diners through the progression of the city’s culinary traditions and influences, drawing from all over Indonesia-Nusantara cuisines to finally reflecting Batam as the multicultural city it is today. While theatrical in presentation, the experience is also rooted in the simplicity of familiar flavors reminiscent of Nusantara cuisine .

The operational hours for Kayumerah are from 6 pm to 10.30 pm. Make a reservation in advance if you want to experience a special dinner at Kayumerah.

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