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A Quirky Classy Dining Spot in Seminyak AT BIKINI

A breath of fresh air in the endless selection of up-market dining venues, A Quirky Classy Dining Spot in Seminyak AT BIKINI dares to be different in a sexy sort of way. Seminyak’s recently opened restaurant is a splendid, architecturally designed dining space that brings together the urban style of a New York warehouse with a decadent Miami Beach party feel.

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The menu at Bikini is carefully crafted in such a way that food offerings cannot be categorised in any usual sort of way. Instead, they are better described as “creative and whimsical gourmet creations”. All dishes come in a unique and distinctive presentation, in what is truly an artform. Oyster Crackers, for example, are fresh oysters served in ‘kerupuk’ or Indonesian crackers on a bed of sea urchin shell and seaweed and served with oyster cream, black garlic and pickled shallots, with a luxurious black and gold colour combination that really catches the eye. Then there is Foie Gras Cigar which, as the name implies, is served bread-wrapped in the shape of a cigar, complete with a golden ashtray filled with edible butter ash, a fascinating and fun way to serve your meal.
To accompany their intriguing dishes, Bikini serves a range of quality drinks developed by an Australian award-winning mixologist. The restaurant’s cocktail offerings are a twist on classics, using modern techniques and inspiration from the region’s local produce. For example we have the hot lips chocolate kiss; a blend of red berry, Tanqueray gin, white chocolate, citrus and Mancino brew which comes with a bright-red lip-shaped ‘kiss’ on its surface, a true representation of what Bikini aims to be; a sassy, quirky, naughty and classy pace which invites people to come together and enjoy their fine, fun-filled dining creation.
Jl. Kayu Cendana No.6 Seminyak Tel. +62 361 738 454