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Wonderful Treasure at GAYA ISLAND RESORT


Asia, Being the Largest and most populous continent on earth, offers a myriad of unique sights, Lightly tossed in a salad of different cultures to bring out the flavours of each country within it. If you happen to be travesing Asia or South east Asia, take stop in Borneo to discover authentic experiences and have a sense of intimacy with the natural world hidden within it.

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Gaya Island Resort is a luxury resort under the YTL Hotels group, which is located on Pulau Gaya, the largest of a cluster of five islands that form the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, a natural conservation area off the coast of North Borneo, close to Kota Kinabalu.
Nestling on a hillside of ancient rainforest with the stunning silhouette of Mount Kinabalu on the horizon, Gaya Island Resort is a sanctuary that enchants travellers with its beauty.
Drawing inspiration from, and using elements of Sabahan architecture, the resort uses local materials to blend harmoniously with its natural environment while eliciting a contemporary and elegant feel. The interior living spaces are designed with stylish elegance to create warmth, comfort and serene indoor settings.
Gaya Island Resort has always taken a proactive role in environmental protection embarking on conservation programmes to preserve the beauty of its natural environment, protect the local wildlife, and raise awareness of sustainable seafood choices.

The resort has several eco-friendly initiatives in place ranging from conservation through to education and rescue programmes which are conducted at the resort’s Marine and Wildlife Centres.
Committed to promoting marine conservation to the local community, the Gaya Island Resort Marine Centre runs three marine programmes in Turtle Rescue, Coral Reef Restoration, and Conservation through Education. Equal commitment is placed on ecological conservation, and the Gaya Island Resort Wildlife Centre runs programmes in Proboscis Monkey Preservation, Nature and Wildlife Conservation, and educational Nature Trails.
For accommodation there are idyllic villas set on gently sloping hillsides surrounded by ancient rainforest and protected mangroves. The villa interiors are designed with a luxurious contemporary elegance and offer a selection of outlooks to choose from. Rooms are spacious averaging 47 square metres.
If you like to spend peaceful holidays at one with nature the Bayu Villas are set in tropical rainforest with views out over the forest canopy. If you prefer to be within walking distance of the resort’s pristine sandy beach, the Canopy Villas are set amongst tropical mangroves closer to the resort’s main facilities.

Probably the best views in the resort are from the Kinabalu Villa with its sweeping vistas out over the South China Sea to the majestic contours of Mount Kinabalu. The Suria Suite is a luxurious two-bedroom suite with stunning ocean views. The ground floor features relaxing lounge and dining areas, and a pantry which leads onto an outdoor deck. The spacious bedrooms on the first floor both come with en-suites, and a decadent outdoor bath on the balcony provides breathtaking views.
Embark on a nature expedition with the resort’s resident naturalist to experience the natural wonders of Gaya with wildlife sightings, a mangrove kayak tour and spotting rare flora and fauna.
The seas around Gaya have an abundance of marine life, and the resort’s resident marine biologist can guide you on an
exploration of the clear waters of the marine park drifting over lush coral gardens to discover the wealth of life with its myriad of colours hidden beneath the waves. When you are exhausted from the adventures of the day, or you simply wish to make the most of a relaxing holiday, you can restore your vitality and rejuvenate your soul at the Spa Village Gaya Island.
Set amidst lush mangroves, the Spa Village is a tranquil hideaway surrounded by unique island flora and fauna. Drawn from the warm clear waters of Gaya and its rich lowland forests to the high-altitude blossoms of Mount Kinabalu, the various treatments use only the finest fresh local ingredients.
Taking eco-tourism to a new frontier, Gaya Island Resort strives to be a key contributor in its aim to make a real difference to the wellbeing of the planet that gives us life. Bringing together the pleasures of luxury travel with the soul fulfilling experience of living in harmony with the natural environment in a pristine and beautiful part of the world, this is what makes this such a special place.

Malohom Bay, Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Tel. +60 3 2783 1000