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Welcome Note

On behalf of MixMedia, I would like to welcome you on the “Tropical Life Online Photo Contest”, which is being held to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of MixMedia.

The contest is open to everyone, people of all nationalities, both amateurs and professionals and if you are not a professional photographer don’t worry, our emphasis is not on technique but simply on capturing an object from the right angle on the perfect moment.

Therefore, our judges are not professional photographers, instead they are people who work and have great experiences on a daily basis in the creative and visual world and they will select images that they feel capture the imagination or have an emotional connection for the people who see them.

So pick up your camera or smartphone, capture those special moments and share them with us, who knows you’ll be winning all the great prizes. We can receive your entries from 1st March to 12th May 2015 and in the meantime we wish you the very best of luck.

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