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Everyone deserves to be treated like royalty from time to time and what better than a regal pampering at the Lagoon Spa on Bali – the ultimate in spa getaway luxury 


The Lagoon Spa is part of the Laguna Luxury Resort & Spa and the clear waters of a tropical lagoon surround the treatment centre there. The spa offers a selection of ritualistic, massages and body treatments that are inspired by the seven pillars of well being – life balance, harmony, beauty, vitality, aqua, nature and nutrition. The spa has 8 treatment rooms that include a Chinese treatment room, a facial room and a sauna room.

I decided to have the 120-minute luxury chocolate treatment that employed the same organic chocolate that the resort uses in its pastry kitchen. My treatment started with a cleansing footbath and was followed by a body massage that involved a generous spread of warm melted chocolate and massage oil over the body. My masseur began the session using long and medium body strokes. Next followed a chocolate scrub where warm chocolate and sea salt was used to exfoliate the skin. After a good shower rinse I was cocooned in a warm chocolate wrap for about 20 minutes, leaving my skin incredibly soft under a radiant glow. The antioxidant properties contained in the chocolate are beneficial to the skin and produce an overall sense of well being while the sweet aroma of chocolate has the power to deliver a sense of calmness. A day of indulgence at the spa will leave you royally relaxed and blissfully revitalised.


A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

Nusa Dua, Bali