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The Unveiling of The Amartha Water Palace Event at Jumeirah Bali

Jumeirah Bali will be celebrating one year in operation with a star-studded gala reception held in a spectacular setting of Trowulan Court – a graceful piazza designed in the style of the ancient Majapahit Empire on Wednesday, 12 July,. Attending media, prominent members of the community and dignitaries will be treated to a memorable night of inspiring conversations with the project’s architects, a banquet of traditional Balinese delicacies, and cultural performances.

Jumeirah Bali was built upon a story of a Water Palace Amartha that was once the Summer Palace of The King and the Royal Families during Majapahit’s Golden Era. A Summer Palace that would host the King’s royal guests, friends and families with the utmost sincerity and warmth. The reminiscence of the Majapahit Era can be found throughout the resort through its artwork, old trees, vast garden and the old ruins scattered within the resort that take you back to the Golden Era of Majapahit. The resort’s romance is felt throughout the resort from the Amarta Lobby entrance to the white sand beach and throughout the resort for the guests to discover.

The all-villa retreat, recently named Best Luxury Beachfront Resort by International Travel Awards 2023, partnered with BRI Private to curate a night of architectural discoveries as well as launching Jumeirah’s iconic hospitality brand in Bali. Trowulan Court’s magnificent stone carvings will be welcoming guests as they step into the enchanted world of Amartha – a mythical water palace nestled within the spectacular gardens dotted with scenic ruins, towering palm trees and gurgling fountains.

“We envision Jumeirah Bali back to the Balinese architecture” said Martin Grounds, Director at Grounds Kent Architects Indonesia. “It will be a respectful reference to Bali historical values yet will deliver the essence of today’s comfort and service.” said Jean-Michael Gathy of the Denniston International, an interior design consultancy firm. “It will be the most exotic garden art and courtyard architecture.” quoted from the late Made Wijaya.

Following the official opening ceremony, in which a terracotta vase filled with waters and flowers will be smashed in a symbolic gesture of spreading wealth and prosperity, guests will enjoy traditional entertainment from live band and orchestra, and a philosophical story told through the graceful Panji dance known since the Majapahit era.

On the menu are Balinese dishes inspired by the humble Indonesian food stall, cooked at live stations and served by “sellers” in traditional Javanese attire. Curated by the talented Jumeirah Bali culinary team in collaboration with local vendors, the gastronomic element will feature such traditional delicacies.

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