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The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali Receives a Gold Medal in The Tri Hita Karana Awards

Bali’s ANVAYA Beach Resort is proud to be awarded a Tri Hita Karana Gold Medal at the Tri Hita Awards for the third time. The ceremony was held on Friday 29 November 2019 at Gedung Ksirarnawa, Art Centre, Denpasar. The award was bestowed after an extensive assessment of the resort’s products, services and facilities.

Tri Hita Karana is the Balinese philosophy that underpins the three essential relationships in human life. Parahyangan is harmony between humans and God, Pawongan is harmony between humans and fellow humans, and Palemahan is harmony between humans and nature and the environment.

The head of the Tri Hita Karana Awards 2019 committee, Prof. Dr. Ir. I Wayan Runa MT. IAI, presented the Gold Medal to Yayat Miharya, The Director of Finance of The ANVAYA Beach Resort. Separately I Ketut Suwantra, the chef at ANVAYA’s Kunyit restaurant, was awarded a special achievement being shortlisted as 2nd runner up for Best Taste & Best Presentation in the Melapa Melapi Awards 2019.

“This is such a great achievement for all the team at The ANVAYA Beach Resort. Tri Hita Karana reminds us to be mindful of the relationship between humans and God, humans and fellow humans, humans and nature – a balance that translates into more meaningful guest experiences in all that we do at our resort,” said Denny A Ermansyah, General Manager of the resort.