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Six Senses Vana, The Brand’s First Dedicated Wellness Retreat

Named after the sal forest it takes refuge in and spread over 21 acres, Six Senses Vana aims to protect and nurture, providing space to discover and flourish. Ayurveda, Yoga, Tibetan Medicine, and Natural Healing Therapies combine with a rich daily activity schedule and personalized support. Nourishing food, including an Ayurvedic specialty restaurant; therapies, including acupuncture, reflexology, and natural alignment; and a kind-hearted team complete the retreat. Unlike anywhere else, the magic lies in the way these elements are fused together to best benefit guests, based on their current state of mind and body, and personal goals for the stay.

“From the moment you arrive, when your forehead is dotted with crimson, and you don your loose-fitting kurta pajamas, to the moment you leave, and your wrist is tied with a red-string blessing, this soothing space serves as a leveler, where you can come as you are and connect to each other and nature without hindrance,” says General Manager Jaspreet Singh. “Even if you are a regular retreat-goer, everyone is unique; therefore, Six Senses Vana approaches your health and wellness in a way that’s unique to you.”

There is no one common objective, and retreats will vary depending on the length of stay, how deep guests wish to go, and the level of independence or support they feel they need. Every stay includes full-board accommodation and personalized nutrition, daily retreat activities, wellness consultation and screening, and attire to wear. Guests can boost the impact with optional extras such as Subtle Energies treatments, acupuncture, reflexology, realignment, or a pampering mani-pedi. There’s also the option to tailor the itinerary by choosing a program based on a specific wellness intention, with diagnostics and targeted guidance from the experts, including Sleep, Detox, Weight Management, Yoga, Ayurveda, Tibetan Medicine.

By introducing high tech to the high touch retreat journey at Six Senses Vana, guests will relieve common issues like back pain and inflammation and enjoy a kick start to their healing process. Compression therapy, heated back belts, and massage percussion devices will be available on arrival to take the edge off the long journey. The wellness screening measures 40 biomarkers and, when coupled with the doctor’s consultation, adds science to ancient wisdom. Guests can also enjoy multi-sensory treatments as they float in the warmth of the Watsu pool or meditate to Raag therapy, where the tranquil, hypnotic sounds of the flute bring out positive emotions.