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For a dining experience with an element of surprise, the Quila dining room at the Alila Villas in Uluwatu is the perfect place to satisfy an adventurous pallet. Diners will have all of their senses stimulated with a 10-course degustation dinner menu featuring Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

Quila’s provocative, palate-pleasing menu is the creation of Executive Chef Marc Lorés Panadés, with each plate the culinary expression of a story which, using everyday ingredients, has been reimagined with a show-stopping twist. The chefs have created dishes that get to the very root of each offering by making use of local, organic and sustainable ingredients on every plate. The menu changes daily to offer the freshest and the best produce combined with modern cooking techniques. Alongside favourites such as “St George & The Dragon” and “The Uluwatu Mushroom,” guests can tune their senses into intriguing new offerings such as “Rock Octopus” and “Papaya Tartar”.

This exclusive dining experience is limited to 10 guests each night within Quila’s intimate five-table indoor dining room. The imaginative use of sound, texture and aroma add further dimensions of sensory stimulation which, along with carefully considered wine pairings, elevate a sense of absolute satiation. The committed staff, the exquisite location and the design all come together to promise guests an unforgettable night of sophisticated cuisine.