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Pulau Kapas, Malaysia




Situated nearby the city of Kuala Trengganu, Pulau Kapas (Kapas Island) is only 2 kilometres long and 1 kilometre wide. This small island really fits the imagined images of many of its visitors. Here, untouched tropical forest, turquoise water, swaying palm trees and colourful coral reefs just off shore, makes this an idyllic tropical island destination. A day trip here is highly recommended.

The name Kapas means cotton and is attributed to the pure white beaches. The sand is soft to walk on and this helps to engage an image of a most enjoyable island to be shipwrecked on.
Most visitors come for relaxation, sun bathing, swimming and diving. With good visibility, calm and shallow water, snorkelling is also popular as there are colourful reefs and a good variety of fish to view.

Several type of accommodation can be found here, however for visitors looking for more luxurious options; Gema Island, just a few meters northwest of Kapas, will oblige.