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Phuket is one of Asia’s most popular beach destinations with a lot to o er visitors. This island of amazing scenery, dazzling tropical sunsets and a warm blue sea promises to deliver some unforgettable holiday moments. There is always something to do both on and o  the island. The range of activities and places to visit are quite remarkable for a destination of this relatively small size. For those who like shopping, the island o ers a great variety of shopping venues, from night markets and local shops to western style department stores and upmarket specialist shops.

A one-day boat trip from the northern end of Phuket is recommended. You should visit Phang Nga Bay for its distinctive feature of sheer limestone cli s that climb vertically out of their emerald-green waters. Two of the most iconic spots in this bay worth seeing are James Bond Island (Khao Phing Kan) and Koh Panyee. This is a rewarding cruse through dramatic limestone islands where one can stop and enjoy quiet beaches or paddle through limestone caves of cathedral proportions where stalagmites and stalactites stand and hang like sentinels over nature’s majestic subterranean beauty. Paddling through bays in this area is the most relaxing way to enjoy the scenery.