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Paradise Beyond The Horizon Lembongan Island

To the southeast of Bali lies an Island paradise far from the frenectic pace of life on Bali it sef.  There are no hawkers nor traffic to hinder you from enjoying its magnificent natural scemery. I am Talking of nusa lembongan, a small island onky 8 Square kilometer size whose main point of interest leis in the seas around the island which, with its vivid aqua blue colour, is widely acknowledged as one of the clearest seawater area in the world.




















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There are a number of mustvisit spots around Lembongan. First there is Mushroom Bay to the southwest of Jungut Batu, a quaint, attractive and sheltered bay with a great white sandy beach and some cosy little water-side restaurants. Here you can see traditional boats of various colours docking on its shoreline. It is one of the best beaches in Lembongan, with relatively calm water suitable for swimming. You can explore a bit further into deeper water if you want to see the coral reef.

While you are in the area, make time to visit the famous Devil’s Tears. A rocky outcrop that is continuously dashed by high ocean waves, creating a mesmerising, magnificent yet menacing sight of mother nature’s violent beauty.
Be careful not to stand to close to the edge though, it would be easy to be swept away the large waves that can reach as high as 15 metres! Even so, this is a great place to take some memorable pictures.
From the Devil Tears, your next stop should be Dream Beach; a place to unwind where soft white sand meets the blue ocean. Time to get up, close and personal with the raw forces of nature but be very careful, water is powerful and the waves here are considered rough so this is not a place for swimming. Hanging around the shoreline you will feel the heavy crash of the waves and the power of the water.

Another fascinating place to go in Lembongan is Goa Gala Gala; a man
made underground cavern built by a local artist named Made Byasa. In his profession as a Dalang (a traditional puppeteer), he was inspired by an episode in the famous Sanskrit epic, the Mahabharata, known as “Wana Parwa” or twelve years in exile in the forest. In the story Pandawas decided to build a cave, Gala-gala, to protect his family from Korawas who wanted to find and kill all his family. The cave has seven exits (three of which are for ventilation) and facilities which include two kitchens, a sitting room, two bedrooms, and so on. It is interesting to note that Made Byasa used nothing but a crowbar to excavate the Gala Gala cave, he started digging in 1961 and didn’t finish the project until 1976.