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Oberoi Spa

Oberoi-Spa -free-magazine-bali-tropicallife

Oberoi Spa-free-magazine-bali-tropicallife

Oberoi Spa-free-magazine-bali-tropicallife

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If you have the chance to visit Bali and stay at The Oberoi Bali, the Oberoi Spa is not to be missed.


Nestled in a luxurious resort in front of the famed Seminyak Beach, the Oberoi Spa is cleverly designed to blend with Bali’s natural beauty so that a peace of mind is delivered while enjoying one of the many treatments offered.

The spa has two couple open-air pavilions surrounded by natural ponds of lotus and splashing koi. There is no air-conditioning in the treatment room, however the natural breeze flowed freely enough to keep me fresh and cool during the treatment.

One of the signature holistic massages is the Oberoi Massage, a 90-minute treatment that begins with a foot bath ritual. Before it started, I was given the choice of three types of sympathetic spa music: Balinese gong relaxation, Javanese tranquility, or journey overseas.
I was pampered with a 60-minute massage using Uplift oil made from essential oil of lemon grass, eucalyptus and geranium. This has the benefit to strengthening and refreshing the spirit. The technique used by the skilled and very attentive therapist is a medium pressure massage, which combines soothing and rhythmic strokes to increase and rejuvenate circulation.

Next, with the application of turmeric body scrub, a traditional Javanese recipe, a 30-minute body scrub was performed. This effectively gets rid of dead cells and softens the skin. Lastly, a generous amount of fresh yogurt is smeared all over the body to nourish and cleanse the skin leaving the body silky smooth. I found this very relaxing and refreshing treatment.

Oberoi Spa
Seminyak Beach, Jalan Kayu Aya, Bali
Tel. +62 361 730361

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