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Oberoi Hotels & Resorts announce a rebranding

The Oberoi Hotels & Resorts place the care of their guests above all else. This has been the foundation of their existence for 85 years and holds as true in their hearts and minds today as it did when the first Oberoi hotel was established back in the 1930s. With such a deeply held commitment to their guests, they thought who better to guide them into the future than the guests themselves, and this has become the basis for an exciting journey of brand re-discovery for Oberoi.

As part of the branding initiative, they have revisited their identity to make sure it reflects these values – and so they proudly present the “Oberoi Sun” to translate the warmth; energy and sense of well bring that their guests experience. This is the promise the Oberoi team is making.

They have travelled to their hotels and resorts across the world to film the Oberoi experience. From pristine beaches to snowcapped mountains, from serene lakes to bustling cities. Fascinating places with one common factor – their wonderful people with a promise to always place their guests first and foremost in everything that they do.

The Oberoi Mauritius, Bali and Lombok have been re-named as: The Oberoi Beach Resort, Mauritius, The Oberoi Beach Resort, Bali and The Oberoi Beach Resort, Lombok.