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Must Visit New Restaurants In Canggu

Canggu dining scene has welcomed some excellent new eateries and here we tell you which one is worth the visit.  


Founded by Chef Mili Hendratno, Mil’s Kitchen brings you a modern Indonesian dining experience and serves mouth-watering dishes crafted with the best quality ingredients sourced from local farms and organic products to ensure sustainability. With his past experiences making modern dishes at 5-star hotels and leading restaurants, Chef Mili is both a culinary artist and a storyteller. Opened a branch in Bali in late 2022, Chef Daniel Edward has joined forces with Chef Mili to bring the magical delights of Mil’s Kitchen to the Island of Gods. Mil’s Kitchen is known for its delectable menu choices including Baked Bone Marrow “Sate Sapi Kecap” with wagyu beef cheek; Tuna Taco “Gohu Ikan Gendar” made with tuna, salmon; and US Beef Short Ribs Bourguignon “Rawon” with braised beef. For dessert, try the Cendol Panna Cotta, which is made with young coconut, green pandan cream, jackfruit compote namelaka, and coconut ice cream. A must try cocktail is Chef Mili’s favorite drink, Canggu oh Canggu, a refreshing combination of rum, aperol, pineapple, lemon oleo, and lemongrass foam. Mil’s Kitchen is also a proud pet-friendly place. So if you have furry friends, they are very welcomed here.


Bar Vera is a picturesque dining venue that blends European delights with modern, casual city vibes to create a charming atmosphere. Upon entering the venue, the inspiration behind Bar Vera becomes evident: present-day Parisian wine bars and bistros, with classic techniques and produce-driven dishes infused to a modern twist. Bar Vera offers an array of European wines and cocktails, reminiscent of the drinking cultures of Europe. Mason Group Chef and Bar Vera founder, Benjamin Cross, has enlisted the talented Keir Ballantyne as the Head Chef. Their signature drinks menu is curated by the multi-award-winning Bar Director, Zac de Git, whose creativity allows Bar Vera to showcase the finest drinking traditions from across Europe, complemented by an extensive wine list of diverse European wines. The Mason Group has employed talent from all over the world, including Jodi Langford, formerly of Gimlett, Melbourne, to collaborate and bring modern yet classic dining experiences to Bali. Their focus is to create a social and friendly ambiance while delivering the best product and service. Customers who visit Bar Vera can expect a relaxed sensory environment rooted in European authenticity with a contemporary twist, while still maintaining the island vibes without ever being pretentious. 


As the latest brainchild of Kilo Collective group, MAIZE is a cozy, vibrant eatery with a style, serving arrays of contemporary cuisine inspired and rooted in Latin flavors and traditions. Helmed by Chef Jethro Vincent, all of the menus pay tribute to Latin America’s indigenous goodness, with sprinkles of South East Asian touch to complete the distinctive, unique taste. The extensive beverage program is led by the award-winning Harris Mahendra a.k.a Aris Jarrot, which focuses on latin cultivated spirits and mirrors its cuisine, letting the combinations of flavors shine. Come and gather at dawn for a memorable dinner before heading up to the cocktail lounge, named ‘Behind Green Door’ for drinks and dance. MAIZE also serves as a ‘waiting lounge’ for party goers at Behind Green Door, where you can enjoy a more chill and relaxing environment before, in-between, or after the boogie.


Having been closed for the past few years during the pandemic, Billy Ho has re-emerged from its slumber as a late night Asian boteco. Joining the team with celebrated chef Will Meyrick is Tom Lavery. Not only its interiors, but also the menu has undergone an overhaul, with the focus moving away from lunch service towards dinner and late-night nibbles, which focuses on sustainability and local produce. Billy Ho dishes still embrace a distinct Asian edge, but snacks are now at the forefront, and the menu divided into Dim Sum, Sushi and Nigiri, Small Plates, and Large Plates. Drinks too, of course, form a key part of the new direction for Billy Ho. With a renewed focus on late nights, specialty cocktails, wines and spirits take centre stage, accompanied by leading spirits, beer, ample aperitif options, and after dinner temptations. When it comes to the venue’s tipple, creative twists on the traditional dominate the bar menu. Like the Billy Ho Chilli Margarita, which introduces the Mexican favourite to a lemon and orange marmalade and chilli flakes. And the Asian Daiquiri, a combination of rum, honey pineapple, ginger flower syrup, lemon, and chilli flakes.