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Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani stands 3,726 meters above sea level on Bali’s near neighbour, Lombok. It is the 2nd highest strati volcano peak in Indonesia and the highest vantage point of Lombok. Mount Rinjani provides a challenging treat for all hikers and promises a rewarding view on the top for all who manage to get there.


There are two ways to access the mountain; from Senaru village on the North or Sembalun on the East. For those without volcano trekking experience it is advisable to take the Sembalun route. This route is more scenic, easier to manage and offers a better chance to reach the peak in one day. This trip will also lead trekkers to a crater area called Plawangan. This is a good camping and fishing area for those who want to rest and break their excursion up over a longer period.