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Misool Eco Resort

TropicalLife_Free_Magazine_Bali - Misool

TropicalLife_Free_Magazine_Bali - Misool

TropicalLife_Free_Magazine_Bali - Misool

In term of ecosystem friendly, Misool Eco Resort has taken their commitment of providing the best leisure accommodation by not changing its amazing surroundings. This is one getaway in the midst of mesmerizing Raja Ampat that anyone would like to spend time in.

Built back in 2008 on a former shark-finning camp, the award-winning Misool Eco Resort is an intimate private getaway in a wide archipelago of inhabited island of Batbitim. The nearest port is 165 km away, offering an ultimate sense of seclusion and laid back atmosphere. No pollution of any kind can penetrate the resort’s surrounding area; this includes signals for cell phones, which for many is not a bad thing. It allows one to soak up the natural beauty with the minimum of distractions.

The commitment of Misool Eco Resort to blend rather than destroying its surrounding is true to the roots. They have even established their own ‘no-catch zone’, covering a vast 1220 sq. metre area, patrolled by dedicated rangers to prevent illegal fishing activities. The result can be seen when one decides to dive in the clean blue sea around the resort’s gorgeous reef where colourful corals, patrolling reef sharks, pygmy seahorses, schooling tuna, giant manta rays, walking sharks are among things divers will see in this pristine underwater environment.

As a member of “Secret Retreats,
a collection of small hidden gems accross Asia”, Misool Eco Resort offers 8 luxurious water cottages, built on stilts above the placid horseshoe-shaped North Lagoon, along with 18 deluxe villas.

All villas feature private en suite bathrooms, hot water, air conditioning, a hammock built right into the veranda, and steps directly leading into the sea. With the maximum capacity of just 36 guests and a staff-to-guest ratio of 3: 1, Misool Eco Resort is ready to deliver an ultra exclusive retreat experience.

During a stay there, the ocean will become an integral part of daily activity. Chances are, one will be more than tempted to plunge into the calm blue ocean and play with the kind of fish rarely encountered at any other tropical destination. The Misool Eco Resort’s Dive Centre has separate wet and dry areas. The wet area is equipped with plenty of rinse tanks and ample space while the dry area looks out towards the famed dive sites of Fiabacet, just a 5-minute boat ride away.

After a day of sand and sea one can head to the resort’s restaurant, which is located in the centre of the beach area, tucked behind the coconut palms. It serves a pleasing combination of Asian and Western cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh local product and fish.

Here dreams become a reality to be enjoyed in real time in Raja Ampat at Misool Eco Resort.

Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua