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Located just east of our well-known Bali, Lombok resembles its sister island in many ways. An idyllic escape of pristine white-sand beaches, challenging surf spots, stunning landscape vistas and its laid-back relaxing ambience, Lombok has captured the heart of many domestic and international visitors.


Lombok is about the same size as Bali and has Mataram as its capital city. Many of the island’s scenic spots still remain untouched making it a perfect destination for a tranquil holidays or romantic honeymoon getaways. Lombok presents the unspoiled scenic vistas of a vintage tropical paradise and may well remind its visitors of Bali as it was some years ago.

Visitors tend to stay in the Sengigi area, the long established and best-known resort area of developed tourism on the island. Here one can find beautiful beaches, a plentiful selection of fine accommodation, restaurants and entertainment. A selection of white sand beaches blessed with calm waters together with some challenging surfing sites make Senggigi an ideal destination for both relaxing beach lovers and octane charged surfers alike. Coral reefs rich in marine life beneath the water of Sengigi Beach are also a popular draw for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts.

Lombok has a recently refurbished its International Airport. Located in the city of Praya it serves regular flights from Java and Bali as well as neighbouring Malaysia and Singapore. The island can also be reached by ferry and boat services from Bali, Flores and Sumbawa.

Besides the already popular places of interest such as Senggigi Beach, Mount Rinjani and the three Gilis (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air), there are a lot of fascinating and somewhat underrated spots to see around the island. One of them is Tanjung A’an near Lombok Kuta Beach (not to be confused with the one in Bali), a shore famous for its unique pepper-like sand. There is also the magnificent Tangsi Beach a.k.a ‘Pink beach’, so named for the striking pink sand of its entire shoreline.

The island is also the home of some intoxicatingly beautiful waterfalls; the most well known are Air Terjun Sindang Gila, Air Terjun Tiu Kelep and Air Terjun Betara Lendang. Visitors should also check out the traditional handicraft and weaving processes at Sukarare in Sukarana villages. Lombok is also recognized for its golden ‘South Seas’ cultured pearls. These are in fact freshwater pearls, that come in a range of colours including white, cream, gold and sometimes grey.

With an abundance of natural and cultural wonders to explore, Lombok offers a getaway for those seeking relaxation, visual excitement, and stimulating experiences for a tropical vacation. Once visited, a return is inevitable.