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There are several noteworthy tropical destinations throughout Malaysia, and one of these is Langkawi; a gorgeous tropical island full of engaging activities, natural landscape wonders and plush accommodation facilities. Langkawi is regarded as having a full compliment of all that’s necessary for a great holiday getaway.

Despite the fact that Langkawi has been a tourist destination for decades, it has managed a balance between development and its natural assets. The government has kept the original face of the island-a rural Malaysian region where the traditional kampung (villages) have remained as they have been for generations.

Langkawi is actually a collection of 104 islands just off the coast of Kedah but it is only the largest island that has become a tourist hub. Thus the island of Langkawi is also the namesake for the whole island group. The name ‘Langkawi’ actually comes from the term ‘Elang Kawi’ or ‘reddish brown eagle’, the island’s official mascot. Langkawi is a beautiful island blessed with pristine white-sandy beaches, a lush forest area and a clear blue sea surrounding its coast. In 2008, the archipelago was officially titled ‘The Jewel of Kedah’ because of its mesmerizing natural landscape.

To reach the island, there are many direct flights from major cities in Malaysia, and I chose to fly in from KL. Cenang Beach is still one of the most visited places by tourists as this duty free island offers shoppers numerous items for sale. There is also an abundance of beachfront restaurants stretching along the beach. Here the flavors of many different nations are on offer.

There is a good range of accommodation offering high standards and comfort to choose from on the island. One of the best that Langkawi has to offer is The Datai Langkawi, an exciting property secluded on the Northwestern tip of the island. This luxurious rainforest hideaway features 54 well-appointed rooms, 40 villas, 16 suites and 14 beach villas with a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding natural beauty.

First-grade materials have been used to build Datai Langkawi with features of tropical timbers and local rock. The siting and choice of materials has produced a ‘close to nature experience’ for guests here in this tropical rain forest environment. This stunning hideaway is fully-equipped with facilities, has 5 different restaurants, a Spa, a gym, a sauna, two tennis courts, 1 family and 1 adult-only outdoor swimming pool, and direct access to both beach and nature. The resort can offer their guests unparalleled opportunities to immerse themselves in nature’s timeless wonders via dozens of enthralling activities.
The beach at Datai Bay is regarded as one of the ‘Top 10 beaches in the World’. Here one can unwind and enjoy sun lazing or sunset dining, swimming or sea adventures. This has been a favourite destination for modern travellers seeking a natural environment in tranquil surrounds.