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Kota Kinabalu




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Kota Kinabalu serves as the main city of the Sabah province in East Malaysia on Borneo. The city is a modern capital of warm hospitality and is situated in a spellbinding location of offshore islands with their long white sandy beaches and virgin coral reefs. The city itself has a backdrop of tropical rainforests almost to its back door.


Formerly known as Jesselton, Kota Kinabalu (or popularly reckoned as ‘KK’) is strategically located on the northwest coast of Borneo Island, facing the South China Sea. It is the main gateway and hub for tourist and travelers to reach several of the most sought-out tourism destinations in Malaysia. It lies right on the coastline close to Mount Kinabalu and the Kinabalu National Park, and the offshore area directly leads to the tropical islands off Malaysian Borneo such as Gaya, Selingan and Lankayan. The city is often visited by tourists travelling to Sabah and Borneo, and is a prime location for fishing due to its rich marine ecosystem.

One of the most exciting spots to visit around the Kota Kinabalu area is of course the towering Mount Kinabalu. Reaching to a height of 13.435 meters above sea level, it is Malaysia’s tallest mountain and SE Asia’s third highest peak. One of the summits at Mount Kinabalu is called Low’s Peak, and can be climbed with ease by visitors in good physical condition. There is no need for climbing equipment at any point on the main route but other peak of Mt. Kinabalu provides a stiffer challenge and for this rock climbing skills and equipment are required.

For les strenuous sightseeing activities there are several city sites worth visiting. Signal Hill Observatory sits on the highest vantage point of the city and provides breathtaking views of the city and beyond. The Kota Kinabalu City Waterfront with its 2 km long boardwalk is a popular area for visitors to the city. Here holidaymakers can enjoy sunsets from upscale restaurants including the Hard Rock Café Kniabalu. The waterfront is also home to the Waterfront Mall with outlets offering mid to high-end brands and a luxury hotel and residence.

Kota Kinabalu is a holiday destination to embrace, a place to explore the city’s surroundings and engage in some exciting activities. AirAsia is currently providing a direct flight from Bali to Kota Kinabalu that operates three times a week. More info please click