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José Jeuland : “ Longevity In Okinawa” Photography Exhibition (19 April to 30 May 2019)

José Jeuland launched his latest photography exhibition titled “Longevity Okinawa” on 18 April 2019 at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. More than a hundred guests were present during the VIP launch event.

It is the second time that Jose is holding a photography exhibition at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

Organised by COCO PR & Communications Agency, the theme of photography exhibition is about the long lives of the elderly people in Okinawa, and features a series of portrait shots of Okinawa residents aged 89 to 106 years old. José had been intrigued by the health and longevity of Okinawa residents ever since he read an article on them 12 years ago. José started working on this project in 2017.

Most of the photographs exhibited are from his second trip to Okinawa and in colour. Each portraiture is carefully directed by him to tell a different story.

Most of the prints are in large size format using the Epson printing technology (printer, ink and media) and the latest medium format camera FUJIFILM GFX 50R.

At the exhibition, visitors can also enjoy a short documentary film on a BenQ interactive flat panel.