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John Hardy Reveals Kapal Bamboo’s New Look

Luxury jewelry brand John Hardy is proud to unveil the interior remodel of its Kapal Bamboo Boutique in Mambal. Designed by Cheong Yew Kuan in 2004, the dramatic cathedral structure sits amidst the brand’s 100-acre oasis, which features a workshop for over 600 master artisans. John Hardy’s ethos is reflected throughout the creative compound and seen within the boutique’s refreshed interior. Drawing inspiration from nature’s artistry and the island’s sacred subak philosophy, the remodel honors the building’s unique structure. The boutique’s interior provides an elevated and contemporary way to showcase jewelry collections.

Featuring iconic architecture made from sustainable materials, the Kapal Bamboo Boutique was built on top of flourishing rice fields and is surrounded by Balinese umbul-umbul, marigold-hued flags. Utilizing traditional Balinese bamboo building techniques, the 90-foot-tall cathedral was designed to float above the rice terraces allowing the sacred subak to flow below as it has for hundreds of years. Following the natural curve of the bamboo stem, the structure is grounding yet draws your attention upwards to the bamboo canopy. Inside, guests are greeted with the sound of the natural subak trickling and the bamboo floor terraced with rice growing between.

Echoing the surrounding oasis and the intent to tread lightly on the earth, John Hardy collaborated with Kalpa Taru and Blanco Studios on remodeling the boutique’s interior. The design follows the terraced landscape with soft rounded edges, while the engineering defies gravity with its cantilevered aerodynamic form. Working in a symbiotic relationship with Indonesia’s talented artisans using hand tools and sophisticated machines in tandem, master carpenters precisely shape, cut and join all the components. Kalpa Taru only uses sustainable plantation teak, carefully selected with intention and reverence.

In complement, Nimmersat curated lighting with a warm cocoon effect. Mimicking bamboo auricles, the lighting was designed to highlight the beauty of the architecture and spotlight the complete collection of handcrafted jewelry, including John Hardy’s one-of-a-kind Cinta collection.