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An Escape Into The Newest Beach Club in Nusa Dua, Canna Bali

Opened in July, Canna Bali is a one-stop lifestyle destination with venues that are each specifically designed to cater to whatever mood you have to escape from reality.

The intricate details of Canna Baliʼs architecture remain environmentally conscious, as it encompasses an extensive area overlooking the majestic shades of blue over three levels, implementing world-class sustainable architecture and design. Each part of the venue is meticulously designed with a one-of-a-kind touch that complements one another and thus producing a captivating polyphony for the ultimate island experience for every bliss-seeking soul.

Canna Baliʼs highlights include Cliff at Canna, an impressive fine-dining restaurant to satisfy your appetite. Canna Bali’s top Chef Chandra said that he used the 25 years of his experience in the culinary and traveling industry when planning food and beverages for Cliff at Canna. A romantic first-rate fine-dining experience for lunch and dinner while taking in the awe-in-spiring view of the sand and sea through the floor-to-ceiling windows is what one will get at Cliff at Canna. Every single hand behind this “breakthrough” concept has made the most out of classic materials as well as up-cycling elements from old houses into major and highly eye-catching parts of the interior design.

VIP sections for crème de la crème are welcomed at Stone at Canna. If you desire a private event with just you and your circles, Stone at Canna is the place to be as this venue can cater up to 40 people. Guests can spoil themselves with the most exclusive treatments with 5-star amenities and services: a private entrance, pool, shower, and a private chef, mixologist, butler, and a carefully curated playlist. It is an affluent experience overlooking Nusa Duaʼs scenery. When the night falls, Cave at Canna offers a vibrant club set inside a sophisticated man-made cave, a multifunctional space with multisensory experience. In harmony with Canna Baliʼs eco-friendly values, the rocks and stones that resulted from the cave construction have been integrated throughout the organic interior designs of the venue.

All in all, Canna Bali invites you to celebrate our love towards Bali now that the magical island reopens its doors for visitors. Canna Bali is designed to cover an extensive area that caters to the most breathtaking views that capture Bali in all aspects of its glory.