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Hua Hin, Thailand



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Hua Hin was established as a resort and exclusive getaway for Thailand’s Royal Family. This coastal, cosmopolitan city of fine beaches and plenty of opportunities for inland activities has become a popular destination for local and international tourists alike.


This once a tranquil fishing village of Hua Hin has become one of the most sought-after holiday areas on the Gulf of Thailand. So popular is it that it has developed into the favoured getaway destination for residents of Thailand’s larger cities. International brand hotels have built their properties around the vicinity of Hua Hin. It should be said however that rapid development is controlled by local government authorities that have committed to a program of maintaining the natural beauty and value of the city’s surrounds.

Hua Hin can be reached easily from the country’s capitol, Bangkok. A four-hour train service from the capitol provides a relaxing and sight full travel experience. Bus and minivan services offer a faster way to Hua Hin and for those who like to get on the water, boat services also ply their way to Hua Hin from Bangkok.

The initial development of Hua Hin city can be traced back to 1920 when King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) and King Prajadiphok (Rama VII) initiated and continued the construction of a summer residence for Thai Royal Family members to spend their weekends away from Bangkok’s humid climate. As word spread the area attracted a noble clique that developed its own holiday accommodation.

The summer residence-poetically called Phra Ratchawang Klai Klangwon literally means ‘Far From Worries Palace’ and is so pleasingly named that the city still considers it as their promotional slogan. The Spanish-style palace is a popular visiting site for visitors to Hua Hin. This attractive building faces the ocean and is surrounded by an extensive ornamental garden. Those visitors arriving by train will be treated to the endearing architecture of the Hua Hin railway station. A single three kilometre stretch of white sand beach curves afore the city. Here resorts and water activity sites abound.

A trip to Hua Hin promises is a lavish experience at a fashionable weekend getaway and where the original royal development has carried through to public amenities in a most regal fashion.